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Welcome to the West Park Residents Association website

This site is intended to provide a source of information about the West Park and Spen Lane area and events which affect the residents.

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As well as us telling you things, the Association is also interested in hearing from you with reminiscences about your life in West Park so that we can share these with local residents. The best way to do this is via an email to we will then telephone you to discuss how we can work together to put your reminiscences on the web site.

The Association is always interested to hear from residents about how the web site could be improved, so if you have any ideas or comments email these to us on

New Generation Transport (The Trolleybus)

The Association has worked with the North West Leeds Transport Forum , Weetwood Residents Association and others in opposing the New Generation Transport (NGT) proposals for Leeds. The Public Inquiry has, from the 29th April until 31st October heard evidence from the NGT team and from the many objectors.

Doug Kemp (chairman of WPRA) submitted EVIDENCE on behalf of WPRA before the Inquiry which was supplemented by an INQUIRY SUBMISSION and a CLOSING STATEMENT. These documents can be viewed from these links. Other documents on which WPRA has collaborated can be found on the NWLTF website

Audio recordings were taken during the Inquiry, with the Inspectors permission. These recordings cover all of the 72 days' proceedings and although not officially entered as evidence, provide a full word-for-word account of the proceedings. These can also be found on the NWLTF website.

For specific sessions involving WPRA, please follow this LINK.

Recent News

March 2016 - Friends of West Park Fields Community Orchard

ON the 9 March 2016 the Friends of West Park Fields, ably assisted by the Parks and Recreation department of Leeds City Council, planted 25 trees of varying types including apples. pears, plums and hazels and one mulberry to create the WPRA community orchard. The orchard is located on the field known locally as "the hayfield" and can be accessed at the junction of Kepstorn Road and Northolme Crescent. The trees and instruction on the best way to plant them to ensure their growth were provided by the Urban Orchard Project. The weather was less than kind to the group and the field was extremely muddy as can be seen from the photographs here.

December 2015 - Friends of West Park Fields group

The Resident's Association has formed a sub-group specifically aimed at developing and improving the West Park fields. Details of the current actions of the group can be found in the December 2015 Chronicle, accessed here If you are interested in the future use of the fields and wish to join the group then Click joinfowpf to send us your details.

February 2015 - NWLTF Transport Proposals for the Area

The North West Leeds Transport Forum has prepared some proposals for the development of transport in the local area. These proposals draw on published documents, blue-sky thinking and discussions with interested parties. The proposals are in full accord with national and local priorities.

We believe that, for a number of reasons, including the prospect of increased devolution to the Leeds City Region, their potential inclusion in Leeds transport strategy should be considered as a matter of urgency.

An executive summary of the proposals can be found here and the complete document can be found here.

Every effort has been made to try to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct. If it is felt that any detail is incorrect, please contact us at

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