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Welcome to the West Park Residents Association website

This site is intended to provide a source of information about the West Park and Spen Lane area and events which affect the residents.

Use the links across the top and side of the page to find the information you are looking for.

As well as us telling you things, the Association is also interested in hearing from you with reminiscences about your life in West Park so that we can share these with local residents. The best way to do this is via an email to we will then telephone you to discuss how we can work together to put your reminiscences on the web site.

The Association is always interested to hear from residents about how the web site could be improved, so if you have any ideas or comments email these to us on

New Generation Transport (The Trolleybus)

The Association is heavily involved in the discussions concerning the New Generation Transport (NGT) proposals for Leeds which will greatly affect West Park and the environment we live in. After consultation with our members and several local meetings between residents and Leeds City Council representatives the Association is opposed to the proposals in their present form.

Our position on this opposition can be found on NGT a time for ACTION although the latest position can be found by looking at the North West Leeds Transport Forum website, details of which can be found in the StopPress below.

Recent News

Annual General Meeting time - Feb 2014

This year we'll be holding the association's AGM at 7:00pm on Monday 31st March. It will be in the School Hall at Lawnswood School, by courtesy of the staff and pupils , and local councillors have been invited. As always the AGM is an opportunity to meet your neighbours , elect the committee, and get updates on local affairs. However this year is rather special because the Public Inquiry into the NGT Trolleybus scheme is due to start on 29th April, so NGT will again be the major item on the agenda. Other items will include the new Neighbourhood Design Statement , and the fate of the site of the former West Park Centre.

The AGM is also a convenient way to enrol or renew your membership for the year 2014-2015. This year your committee have seen fit to increase the membership fee to 5 pounds per family, after over ten years at 3 pounds. We hope you'll consider this to be still a trivial sum considering the benefits of having a bunch of dedicated volunteers guard your interests as residents of this very pleasant neighbourhood.

North West Leeds Transport Forum - January 2014

NWLTF was set up to provide a source of information about the proposed NGT developments. It draws its membership from local resident and community associations, and liaises closely with local businesses. Its objective is to help and support local communities to evaluate the likely effects of the NGT proposals on their area and residents.

NWLTF is co-chaired by Doug Kemp who is chairman of the West Park Resident's Association and Martyn Thomas who is chairman of the Weetwood Resident's Association.

NWLTF has the most up-to-date information on the progress of WPRA's input to the NGT campaign and can be found at North West Leeds Transport Forum.


A Public Enquiry has been announced, although as yet no date has been arranged.

If you submitted an objection you will have been asked whether you would like to appear at the inquiry ie. Present oral evidence.

If you have decided not to speak, there is nothing else that you need to do BUT:

You can submit further detailed evidence before the inquiry starts to improve your objection. You can still write into newspapers such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.


If you asked to speak at the inquiry, then you need to prepare a STATEMENT of CASE (SoC). This is a written statement giving full details of the case you want to present to the inquiry.
You MUST send in a Statement of Case (SoC) to arrive before the 30th January.
If you consider that your original objection letter provides sufficient detail of your objection then you MUST write in asking that your objection letter be treated as your Statement of Case, commenting that you reserve the right to supplement your SoC in the future.
It is important that any SoC should include a list of the documents you may want to make reference to, along with relevant extracts from these documents. The inspector will only have hard copies of papers from NGT and relevant Govt policy documents. They almost certainly will not have any local government ones.

This must be done straight away, and MUST arrive no later than Thursday 30th January, at the following addresses:
Angela Foster
Department for Transport
Transport & Works Act Orders Unit
General Counsel's Office
Zone 1/18
Great Minster House
33 Horsferry Road

NGT Metro
c/0 Bircham Dyson Bell
Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents
50 Broadway

NOTE: All SoC's will be published on an official website

Every effort has been made to try to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct. If it is felt that any detail is incorrect, please contact us at

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